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"Hi! This was the first year that I've gotten to consign with you. It was a top-notch experience, I was very pleased! On a personal note, my husband got his hours cut back about a year and a half ago. This has put us in a bind. My 7-year old son needed basketball shoes, so we shopped for them and couldn't find any good deals. He so badly wanted the Skechers Aerators that we saw at Kohls for almost $60, but that was way out of my budget. I went to shop at the Conway sale and can you believe it- I found those shoes at the sale in my son's size for around $4.50 I believe it was! That was such a blessing!! My sister and I both found some really nice things for our 8 kids (between us there are 8, she has 3, I have 5). Thanks so much for the opportunity you provide to both sell and shop! God bless, "


" I am a grandmother who loves to shop for my 4 grandchildren. Both my daughter and daughter-in-law join me during your sale days in Little Rock or Conway. You have definitely made us aware of the need to "recycle" all those precious clothes and we really appreciate you and all the hard work and time you have committed to. I have volunteered a couple of times and really enjoy it...Thanks for the opportunity! And, I certainly have informed the young mothers that I meet that they need to shop your sales...And they do! Again, thank YOU for all you have done for these families! "


"This was absolutely my best visit ever to Rhea Lana's!! I've talked to several other moms who agree wholeheartedly. I bought at least 20 high-quality, cute, complete outfits for $5 each. I don't mean discount store clothes or cute-enough-for-play clothes - I bought Gymboree, The Children's Place, Rare Edition, etc. complete outfits for $5. My child is the best dressed on the playground! When I came home, my husband said what I already knew, "(Our daughter) doesn't need that many clothes." I challenged him to tell me which of the very inexpensive sets that he found ugly enough to reject. Also, I found the sponsors this season to be outstanding. I bought several items from the booths and filled out a card for Usborne books - a brand I discovered this summer in the Northwest. Thank you so much for starting Rhea Lana's in Conway. Sincerely, "

Lauralee McCool

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the opportunity to set up a vendor booth at your recent sale in Conway. I am fairly new to town and this was a FANTASTIC chance to build my business and expand my network of customers. I was amazed by the number of guests that came through your sale throughout the week there is no doubt that you have created a fine reputation within the community! Your staff and volunteers were very professional and accommodating (especially Andrea). I look forward to the event again in the fall! Warm Regards, "

Vanessa Simmons

"Dear Rhea Lana, I just want to thank you for all you do for our community. We are a one income family with a two year old baby. The retail prices are so high. With Rhea Lana's sales, we are able to purchase great clothes and shoes, toys & baby equipment at prices we can afford. We have two children in college and decided to start again when my husband retired from the military. Your support of the military is greatly appreciated. Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart. "

Cori Fetters

Thank you so much. I just want to add that consigning with y'all was great. You guys were very professional and really went out of your way to help out, even when I had messed up the entry of items on my end. I really apprecaite it.